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Product Details

Industrial Lubricants > Gear Oils > MILA-GEAR AHP Series

    MILA-GEAR AHP Series


    MILA-GEAR AHP Series  Resisting micro pitting gear oil 



    Based on refined mineral oil (MO);  Excellent resistance to pitting corrosion and  wear resistance;   Excellent anti-wear performance;  Excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability;   Good thermal conductivity;   Low traction coefficient and friction coefficient, reduce friction, improve efficiency.

    This oil not only prevent gears from wear,but also avoid the damage of micro pitting corrosion. Even in harsh condition, the products provide excellent protection for gears.  


    Suitable for use in closed gears, including spur gears, helical gears, herringbone gear, spiral bevel gear, etc
    Especially suitable for devices which prone to micro pitting occasions 
    Other gears working under overload, extremely low or high temperature 
    Specific applications include:
                                      Coal mill gear box in power plant
                                      The gear box of wind turbine
                                      Steel and non-ferrous metal rolling mill gear box
                                      Kinds of other  outdoor gear box
                                     Cranes, port machinery gear box